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Friday, September 29, 2006

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Phisoderm Acne Treatment

Web reviews of Phisoderm acne treatment indicate there are many satisfied customers.

One reviewer notes that it’s important to follow directions closely if you want the best results as quickly as possible. She said the directions advise you to wash your face thoroughly before applying the product. She thought this odd, as Phisoderm for acne is a skin cleanser. Upon researching the topic she found that is true, but it works inside the pores, so another cleanser is required beforehand.

Twice a day use is recommended on the bottle and reviewers say a little bit of the product goes a long way. They recommend a drop in your palm about the size of a nickel, noting if you use more you’re wasting product and if you use less you won’t get a sufficient lather when you add water. By using the proper amount the bottle will last for months.

Once you’re all lathered up with Phisoderm acne treatment you leave it on your face for one or two minutes. Then you rinse and pat dry. Reviewers say it is very important to pat dry and not to rub, because rubbing doesn’t work. Reviewers say they see results in a couple of days, with most blemishes disappearing after a week.

One reviewer said she bought a 14-ounce bottle for around $8 four months ago and still has a half-bottle left. Another reviewer said her 14-ounce bottle of Phisoderm for acne was $3.79. She bought it for her teenage son and noticed results in a day, with redness decreasing and pimples shrinking.

She decided to try it herself and was impressed by the pleasant scent. She said while most facial cleansers stung, this one didn’t. She left it on for a minute or two before rinsing with warm water and patting dry. Her reaction? Her skin felt clean and fabulous and now she’s a regular every other day user.

A third reviewer cites the great value of Phisoderm acne treatment, noting it’s rare to find a cheap product that works. A fourth reviewer noted results in the first week and was so pleased that she has been using it for five months with wonderful results.

Another happy web reviewer said she purchased her bottle 11 months ago and it’s not empty yet. Another reviewer developed skin problems in her 30s, visited a dermatologist and tried the products recommended. None worked. She switched doctors and her new one told her to try the Phisoderm for acne over-the-counter treatment. She continues to use it three times a day and is very pleased with the results.

If you have a problem with breakouts, you might want to try a natural alternative to Phisoderm acne treatment called Acnezine, a special antioxidant formula that can attack the problem at its source and prevent future breakouts.