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Sunday, October 05, 2008

   Featured Acne Treatment: ClearPores Skin Cleansing System

What Are The Top 10 Acne Treatments?

We've had a number of emails asking us what the best acne treatments are. And the answer is it really depends on the severity of your condition. Some very mild cases will go away on their own, more severe cases might require surgical procedures. So what we decided to do was take a poll of all of our visitors, and come up with the top 10 acne treatments, in order of popularity and effectiveness.

So without further ado, your top 10 list of acne treatments:

1. ClearPores - an all natural treatment featuring a 3-step cleansing system.

2. Acnezine - an antioxidant supplement that can reduce oil buildup

3. Clearasil - we've all seen the commercials; a topical cream that dries out skin

4. Oxy - similar to Clearasil

5. Phisoderm, a topical cleanser

6. ZitZapper - a mechanical device

7. Acne Be Gone - a low quality lotion

8. Pimplerid - another low-grade solution

9. Laser Surgery - a dreaded procedure

10. Accutane - a powerful medication

So there you have it...the top 10 acne treatments available, per our visitors.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

   Featured Acne Treatment: ClearPores Skin Cleansing System

ClearPores Review - New Acne Treatment

Many visitors have been asking for a ClearPores review and we're happy to oblige, as it is quickly becoming one of the most popular acne treatments on the market.

ClearPores is a three-part cleansing system consisting of a deep-cleaning wash, an herbal formula and a protection cream, sort of a one-two-three punch to eliminate acne externally and internally.

The first step unclogs the pores and combats bacteria buildup. The second step involves several potent herbal extracts that actually work from within to fight acne and prevent future breakouts. The third step is a topical cream that keeps pores clean and moisturizes the skin.

Our ClearPores review involved a number of our readers who volunteered to try the products for the recommended three month period. We're happy to report that most of them did notice significant decreases in acne severity after just a month of using the 3-part Clear Pores system.

What was most attractive about this treatment option is the 6 month money back guarantee and the 24 hour customer support, which were big pluses for our pollsters that they didn't find anywhere else.

Another interesting part of our ClearPores review was the fact that they make a face and a body system, which is great because most acne sufferers tend to get breakouts on their shoulders, backs and arms as well as their faces.

We will follow the results of these and other ClearPores acne treatment users over the next few months and keep you posted.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

   Featured Acne Treatment: ClearPores Skin Cleansing System

What are the Best Acne Vitamins?

You really are what you eat. This means that if you have a problem with acne vitamins and mineral supplements may make the difference between getting your skin under control and suffering for most of your young adult life with outbreaks.

Vitamin A is used as a prescribed medical treatment for acne, not just as an acne vitamin. Marketed as Accutane or Retin-A, megadoses of a specific subtype of vitamin A have been proven to reduce the problem of acne in even the most stubborn cases. However, the dosage required can be dangerous in some cases. For instance, it can cause birth defects to the unborn children of pregnant women who take it. It also causes the skin to be especially susceptible to sun damage. It’s usually prescribed by a doctor only after other regimens have not worked. A course of therapy lasts up to twenty weeks in most people.

Over-the-Counter Vitamins for Acne

If you’re not ready to plunge into the Accutane world, there are several other acne vitamins you can supplement your diet with to promote overall skin health and to help reduce and even cure your acne problems. Ordinary vitamin A supplements, if not taken in too-high dosages, can produce many of the same effects as Accutane, but won’t carry the same side effects. Be careful to not exceed the recommended daily allowance.

Vitamin E is known to be a great vitamin for overall skin health, and it can help fight low-grade cases of acne. While most people take vitamin E by mouth, the capsules usually come in a gel-coated liquid form. The liquid inside each capsule can be applied directly to the skin, but those who have sensitive skin may find this to be irritating rather than helpful.

If you take acne vitamins E and A, you should also take a zinc supplement with them. Zinc doesn’t directly affect the skin, but it does enhance the absorption of vitamin A and helps keep the levels of vitamin E in the blood stable. Zinc, applied directly to the skin, can also kill surface bacteria. A high-zinc concentrate ointment, such as Desitin (used to treat diaper rash), can be applied directly to an acne lesion to reduce its appearance overnight.

Selenium and magnesium aren’t vitamins for acne, but rather trace elements that most people don’t get enough of. The effects of these two minerals aren’t completely understood, but selenium seems to improve skin elasticity, a useful effect when you’re drying your skin out with acne treatments. It also helps boost the effects of vitamins E and A. Magnesium helps balance out your hormones, which can reduce the impact of hormonal cycles on acne breakouts.

A high-quality acne vitamin supplement is called Acnezine, and it contains special nutrients that attack breakouts at their source and reduce the likelihood of future blemishes.

In addition to these specific vitamins for acne, a deficiency in any vitamin may be enough to cause an acne outbreak. Always take a good general vitamin supplement with your acne vitamins, and take all vitamins with a meal that includes an 8-ounce glass of water and some fats to ensure your body absorbs them properly.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

   Featured Acne Treatment: ClearPores Skin Cleansing System

New FDA-Approved Acne Treatment

The FDA has just approved a new acne treatment from a company called Therative. It is a hand-held acne treatment device that supposedly incorporates technology previously found only in the dermatologist's office.

The product will be called ThermaClear, and it is reported to be a unique and groundbreaking approach to acne and blemish treatment. According to a press release from the company, this new product will work in a manner similar to laser treatment, a common out-patient procedure used to treat moderate to more severe acne breakouts.

As new information emerges, we will bring it to be on the lookout for a special new hand-held pimple zapper.....

Monday, October 09, 2006

   Featured Acne Treatment: ClearPores Skin Cleansing System

What is the Best Acne Blemish Treatment?

Teens and adults alike are forever in search of the best acne blemish treatment. Surprisingly, it may not be the benzoyl peroxide or salicyclic acid found in OTC pimple medications. Rather, research shows that antioxidants may be the ultimate's why:

Antioxidants are plentiful in natural foods, such as blueberries, grapes and pomegranates, and are available in man-made specialty supplements as well.

Antioxidants include some vitamins and minerals, including vitamin E, C, A and the minerals zinc and selenium. Even more powerful versions can be found in herbal extracts. Antioxidants serve as a barrier on the skin, preventing oxygen molecules, known as free radicals, from entering the dermal layer and causing skin blemishes. As we get older antioxidants in the skin decrease. Eating foods ripe in antioxidants or taking antioxidant supplements can therefore be the best acne blemish treatment.

Antioxidants can help protect against the invasion of free radicals, minimize skin blemishes and keep the skin healthy and vibrant. The pulp of fruits and vegetables can be used on the skin, or oils with Vitamin E, such as olive oil, coconut oil or sesame oil can be used in a daily application that may be the best acne blemish treatment you have found.

Products containing antioxidants are available, such as niacinamide. It is a form of Vitamin B and is considered safe and fast-acting. A four per cent niacinamide cream is water soluble, does not last in the body for long and therefore does not build up in the system.

Vitamin A with carotenoids strengthens the skin and helps prevent skin blemishes by reducing the production of sebum. It is a powerful antioxidant and a Vitamin A deficiency can actually lead to acne.

Vitamin B complex helps maintain healthy skin tone. The Vitamin B group consists of B1 (thiamine,) B2 (riboflavin,) B3 (niacine,) B6 (pantothenic acid, pyridoxine,) and B12 (cyanocobalamin.) Each Vitamin B element plays a role in creating healthy skin and preventing skin blemishes.

Vitamin C and bioflavonoids are antioxidants required for tissue growth and repair. Chromium treats skin blemishes by reducing skin infection rates. Zinc helps heal tissues and prevent scarring. Vitamin E is another antioxidant that promotes skin healing.

One of the most promising new applications, considered by some to be best acne blemish treatment is a special formula called Acuzine which contains many of the most powerful antioxidants in one comprehensive supplement. As such, it is able to work inside and out to prevent future breakouts and minimize skin blemishes.

Taking a good multivitamin with chromium provides a supplement to meet daily requirements and promote healthy skin. Taking too many vitamin and mineral supplements can be dangerous, so it is important to follow the daily-recommended dosage. Many people suffering from acne will find that with the proper amounts, multivitamins will help clear up their acne.

So when you’re searching for the best acne blemish treatment, don’t overlook the antioxidants that improve your skin naturally. They can not only help reduce skin blemishes and pimples, but also improve overal health by fighting off disease and illness.

   Featured Acne Treatment: ClearPores Skin Cleansing System

Is there a treatment for teen acne?

Teen acne affects just about 90% of the world's chances are if you're around puberty age, you're gonna see some pimples or blemishes start to appear on your face. But don't worry, treatments are available.

Acne in teens affects self-esteem and with severe cases teens don’t even want to leave their homes. Its effect is more on the inside than on the outside, causing emotional stress to many.

It hits teens so hard because the body starts to produce hormones called androgens at puberty. Boys produce more of them and tend to have more severe acne than girls. Androgens make the body’s oil glands work harder and produce extra oil. It combines with dead skin cells and seeps into the pores. This causes tiny hair follicles to swell. Researchers note it has nothing to do with your diet or how often you wash your face. That means that chocolate is not the culprit!

Preventing teen acne is easier than treating it and the first step is to make sure your face is clean...if you can try to wash twice a day with a mild cleanser. Don’t wash more than that, as that could send a message to your glands to produce even more oil.

You should avoid cleansing products containing alcohol, because it strips your skin’s top layer, which means your glands produce more oil and you end up with dry skin and the promise of more blemishes. Thus alcohol-free cleansers are the way to go.

Good advice for preventing acne in teens is to keep your hands away from your face. Even resting your chin in your hands is not a good idea because the bacteria causing acne is present on your skin all the time...but it’s not an issue until it gets trapped inside a hair follicle.

Resist the temptation to squeeze pimples because that usually creates more of a problem with teen acne. You may end up pushing bacteria deeper into the skin, causing the zit to last longer and look worse than if you had left it alone.

Another piece of advice is to shower right after physical activity that caused you to sweat. Take off the sweaty football or hockey helmet as soon as you can and don’t hang around in your team jersey after the game. Heat and friction combined with sweat can cause teen acne problems, so run to the shower!

Try the over-the-counter acne treatments until you find one that works for you. Then stick with it and use it regularly. One of the newer treatments for teen acne is called Acnezine and it is a special antioxidant formula that can fght blemishes from the inside out. You might want to look into this type of remedy if Clearasil and similar products don't seem to do the trick.

If you have a severe case of acne and treatment is not working, make sure you consult a dermatologist. He or she will be able to determine the severity of the problem and suggest the right treatment option for your teen acne.

Friday, September 29, 2006

   Featured Acne Treatment: ClearPores Skin Cleansing System

Phisoderm Acne Treatment

Web reviews of Phisoderm acne treatment indicate there are many satisfied customers.

One reviewer notes that it’s important to follow directions closely if you want the best results as quickly as possible. She said the directions advise you to wash your face thoroughly before applying the product. She thought this odd, as Phisoderm for acne is a skin cleanser. Upon researching the topic she found that is true, but it works inside the pores, so another cleanser is required beforehand.

Twice a day use is recommended on the bottle and reviewers say a little bit of the product goes a long way. They recommend a drop in your palm about the size of a nickel, noting if you use more you’re wasting product and if you use less you won’t get a sufficient lather when you add water. By using the proper amount the bottle will last for months.

Once you’re all lathered up with Phisoderm acne treatment you leave it on your face for one or two minutes. Then you rinse and pat dry. Reviewers say it is very important to pat dry and not to rub, because rubbing doesn’t work. Reviewers say they see results in a couple of days, with most blemishes disappearing after a week.

One reviewer said she bought a 14-ounce bottle for around $8 four months ago and still has a half-bottle left. Another reviewer said her 14-ounce bottle of Phisoderm for acne was $3.79. She bought it for her teenage son and noticed results in a day, with redness decreasing and pimples shrinking.

She decided to try it herself and was impressed by the pleasant scent. She said while most facial cleansers stung, this one didn’t. She left it on for a minute or two before rinsing with warm water and patting dry. Her reaction? Her skin felt clean and fabulous and now she’s a regular every other day user.

A third reviewer cites the great value of Phisoderm acne treatment, noting it’s rare to find a cheap product that works. A fourth reviewer noted results in the first week and was so pleased that she has been using it for five months with wonderful results.

Another happy web reviewer said she purchased her bottle 11 months ago and it’s not empty yet. Another reviewer developed skin problems in her 30s, visited a dermatologist and tried the products recommended. None worked. She switched doctors and her new one told her to try the Phisoderm for acne over-the-counter treatment. She continues to use it three times a day and is very pleased with the results.

If you have a problem with breakouts, you might want to try a natural alternative to Phisoderm acne treatment called Acnezine, a special antioxidant formula that can attack the problem at its source and prevent future breakouts.

Monday, July 31, 2006

   Featured Acne Treatment: ClearPores Skin Cleansing System

Acne Treatment Reviews

We have conducted acne treatment reviews in order to bring you the most important information regarding various treatments and their effectiveness. Experimenting with products can be time consuming, expensive, and pointless if you fail to find a successful remedy. Knowing what the cause of acne is and how each individual remedy treats it may make your decision much easier than letting a dermatologist make the decisions for you.

Our acne product review shows that topical over-the-counter treatments, such as Clearasil and Oxy, are harsh on the skin and require continued use in order to keep their effect. They will often make the condition of the skin worse rather than clearing or preventing breakouts. This is due to the ingredient Benzoyl Peroxide, which has been shown to be the cause of blistering, burning, swelling, and increased skin inflammation in its users.

Accutane is a very effective treatment against severe cases of acne that are unresponsive to other treatments. Our acne treatment reviews show that taking this medication requires much consideration toward the benefits compared to the serious side effects that may occur. The acne product review specific to this treatment also showed that many users suffered from depression and thoughts of suicide. Females are required to also take birth control when using the product due to the significant chance of birth defects developing or possibly even death in the unborn child.

Laser treatment is an option that is highlighted in the acne treatment reviews as being effective in improving the appearance of skin and eliminating breakouts. A yellow laser is used to destroy the bacteria that is beneath the skin's surface. Pimples are unable to form from the oil build up alone. However, there have been no conclusive studies to show the safety of the procedure, specifically in the long-term. Although it will improve the condition now, it may cause worse problems later in life.

A natural cure acne review proves that it is ostensibly the only option that is free from side effects. Natural treatments can clear your skin from the inside out. Vitamins, antioxidants, a good diet, and regular exercise effectively reduce the signs and symptoms of troubled skin. Any natural cure acne review will emphasize how your internal health plays an intricate part in the condition of your skin.

Antioxidants are found in many vitamins, such as Vitamin E. They fight off the negative effects of free radicals, which are biproducts created from your own metabolism and digestive system, so that they cannot attack your healthy cells. Acuzine is a new natural treatment that has proven effective in the acne product review. It contains all natural ingredients that work together to improve the condition of the skin and reduce the appearance of scars.

Acne treatment reviews are the most useful tool in making decisions regarding your skin. It is important to avoid any remedy that may make your condition worse or cause long-term negative effects. Our natural cure acne review considers Acuzine to be one of the best treatments available to clear up and prevent future breakouts. If you have found yourself getting nowhere with remedies that you have tried before, consult acne treatment reviews to gain an understanding of what may provide you the best success.